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Video Conferencing Services at GRNET
GRNET offers a number of videoconferencing services to the academic and research community of Greece. The scope of the services is to allow all end-users of the afilliated institutions access to a number of prototype and pilot VoIP and Video Conferencing services over its high-bandwidth data network:
  • VoIP calls over the H.323 and SIP protocols using any client from the simple softphone of roaming users to the desktop or room-based video conferencing systems deployed.
  • interconnection of the VoIP services with the PBXs of the connected institutions providing reachability to office phones on campuses
  • interconnection to other VoIP networks through peering aggreements
This website offers the interface and the guidance so that end-users of our community can make H.323 and SIP VoIP calls between them and to the network of GRNET-GUNET. You may browse the geographic map of connected institutions.
To enable VoIP services, you may follow the links below (interfaces available in Greek only):
Shibboleth login Enter with existing institutional user account
if your institution has deployed an Shibboleth IdentityProvider in the AAI Federation of GRNET
VHO registered users login Enter after registration
of guest account at the Virtual Home Organization (VHO) of GRNET
Register to VHO Registration
at the Virtual Home Organization (VHO) of GRNET